LIAR IV Conference

I just spent an immensely enjoyable three days getting my linguistics geek on at the LIAR conference hosted at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Walking through canal street every morning was good for the soul, as was listening to amazing talks about building relationships, trolling, inter and intra-cultural politeness etc. I even got to break break with some absolute linguistic rock gods who I’ve been citing since I was an undergrad!

It was my first ever professional-level conference (i.e. not attended by PGRs only) and I couldn’t be happier about how it went.

First, a shout out to MMU catering – food was AMAZING!! Peppers stuffed with spinach and feta, patatas bravas, risotto-stuffed aubergine, brownies, flapjacks, Danish pastries – and all delivered perfectly on time in a room that was perfectly clean every time. I know what goes into making that happen, and you guys pulled it off with flying colours.

Second, my most grateful compliments to the organisers, Piotr Jagodzinski, Dawn Archer and Derek Bousfield; amazingly well compiled sessions, I felt like each talk flowed to the next pretty seamlessly, and great plenaries, all the speakers were amazing and thought-provoking.

And finally, everyone who attended, thank you for making me feel so welcome, and for your most kind compliments on my talk (which I felt trod a fine line between amusingly kooky and dangerously unprofessional). I hope to see you next year!

Here’s a compilation of my favourite tweets from the conference:


Of course, I couldn’t resist including a couple about my presentation 😛

Can’t wait for next year! (Though the LIAR followed by IPrA marathon might just kill me!).



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