Abstract Agony

Writing this abstract for my first ‘real’ conference (read: not only PGR students in attendance) has been a fiasco from start to finish.

I emailed the conference organiser 2 months after the second CfP had passed – my supervisor said he knew the organiser and was pretty sure he’d let me submit late. I was skeptical. I was wrong. He was delighted to accept my non-existent abstract for my completely unplanned and un-thought-about talk!


Now I had to write something.

I wrote the draft last Friday, sent it off to my supervisor and hoped for the best. He was not impressed. In his words “you’re normally a very good writer, but this is surprisingly bad”. Quelle surprise! Something I wrote in one afternoon, that I didn’t know how to write or what to write about wasn’t very good! Who’d have guessed it…

And now I’m on my third draft, trying to “focus on theory” and “be ambitious” and “make it relevant”.

It had better be good this time.

No-one wants to spend the afternoon writing an abstract when it looks like this outside (and is predicted to be cloudy by tomorrow!):