I’m Sooooo Confused!

Sometimes (always) writing a PhD makes you do this face:

This is me today. I’m trying to write something about requests, and I’ve categorised a bunch of stuff in my data as requests:

requests for action

requests for information

requests for support/patience, and

requests to meet

But they just don’t all follow the typology that most stuff about requests has used:

Mood Derivable (Do X)

Performatives (I am asking you to do X)

Hedged Performatives (I would like to ask you to do X)

Obligation Statements (You have to do X)

Want Statements (I want you to do X)

Suggestory Formula (How about doing X? / if you could do X…

Query Preparatory (Can you do X?)

Strong Hints (don’t you want to live in a clean house?)

Mild Hints (can you do me a favour…)

(Yu, 2011, p. 390)

But are things like : “How can I improve my sentence and explanation?” requests?

Are all questions requests? Most can be phrased as requests that fit into the typology.

What is the actual difference between:

“What’s your name?”, and “Can you tell me your name?”

Are the only questions that are actually questions  abstract seekings where you don’t actually know the question until you’ve found the answer and rhetorical questions?

Is asking for time any different from asking for a material action? Is it a question if the answer is only required to be verbal? Are you not also requesting the person’s time?


Thoughts? Let me know! For now I will just keep looking like the derpyest derp that ever derped.

disclaimer – this is not me, it is Jennifer Lawrence, but that’s basically exactly my face right now


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