Life Jackets

Sometimes I feel like I’m on the raft without a life jacket, and everyone thinks it’s fine, because I’m such a strong swimmer.

But I don’t feel like a strong swimmer.

I feel like I’m already slipping and the water’s below and who knows what’s lurking there…

And everyone’s saying “you got this”, “it will be a breeze”, “you’ll fly through”…

And I’m thinking “errr, little help here…?”

But it’s ok. Because everyone else on the raft is thinking that too.

We all feel like imposters faking our way through academia. We all think we’ve been lucky to get this far.

For me the proof was in a conversation I had on Wednesday with a forth year PhD student, who STILL feels like he’s faking it and that his great deceit will eventually be revealed and he’ll be cast out forever, a disappointment to all those who believed in him. What he can’t see or feel is all the hands holding on to him.

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