First Post!

A brief background might be in order I guess before I start really getting in to the nitty-gritty.

I started my PhD in October 2014.I stayed at the same university where I did my BA and MA. They have a very well reputed department, offered me fee-exemption and my bf also studies here – what’s not to like?

I’m not doing this because I have an all-consuming passion for my subject (it is definitely a cardinal sin to admit this!) I love linguistics, don’t get me wrong, but there are bigger issues afoot here; I want to be a lecturer and this is now the only way to do it. (Unless you want to lecture in a vocational subject like Business, or Architecture and then it’s totally legit and encouraged to make your way in through industry).

Why lecturing? I like to teach people stuff – it’s really fun, and my bf suggested that I didn’t have the ’emotional strength’ to do this at secondary school level – he’s probably right, but sometimes I wonder if I wouldn’t rather make that kind of impact. I credit where I am now to my teachers, not my lecturers. But que sera, maybe in the future I’ll do a PGCE and see where it takes me.

Eventual job security, fulfilment, and a decent income. This is the primary reason. I want the right future for my family, I want to live closer to my parents, I want to spend quality time with my future children on school holidays, and I want an environment where having a family isn’t seen as a set-back. Academia has certainly shown me so far that it’s a supportive, friendly and non-gender-biased career path and I want a part of that.

Conferences! Who doesn’t want to travel about and talk to clever people about interesting stuff?

I’m not sure if writing this is clever, but I feel it needs to be out there. I hope it doesn’t damage my future career, I invariably fail at interview for being some variation of “too honest”, but I’m not sure I want to be employed by someone who doesn’t want to employ the ‘real me’. And I can always delete this when I start job hunting…